Living in California

Sport and good nutrition is not just a tribute to fashion, but a part of existence. 

 Classes of fitness can be considered a desire for an optimal quality of life, good physical fitness and health. Different kinds of sports and choices of training are insanely diverse in California. Looking at the magnificent sandy beaches, endless golf courses, excellent stadiums, paths for running, cycling, walking, you begin to doubt the truthfulness of the stories about inactive Americans. A healthy lifestyle in the US has already recruited hundreds of thousands of fans, and on the Atlantic coast has turned into a real cult.

In the center of Florida, everything for this coincided: the sun 250 days a year, the average annual temperature of 25C, open all-the-year-round sports centers, swimming pools, fitness clubs, dance halls, beauty salons and SPA. Of course the most popular water sport is surfing. A large number of people in wetsuits try to conquer the ocean waves throughout the year.The most popular form of exercise is yoga. A huge number of yoga classes are present in fitness centers or there are individual instructors who collect groups and go out with them to the beach and are engaged there, enjoying the nature of the ocean.

Also hiking is very popular there. Groups of people most often gather for the weekend and explore the mountainous terrain on foot. Hiking is a kind of hike with recreational and cognitive purposes, which takes place along well-equipped and well-marked routes, which allows you to choose your own route, its length, complexity and content and does not require special preparation and accompaniment of a guide.

Everything about food in California 

California is the richest state of growing vegetables, fruits and berries in the US. Thus, there is an among selection throughout the year to please yourself with healthy products. Of course now there is a question on the organic origin of vegetables and fruits but in America there are specialized organic stores. There is also a great number of farmers who sell their fresh produce in small tents. Apparently due to such conditions a huge number of vegetarians and vegans in California. In general all residents are trying to keep track of their weight and look tidy and fit. Take care of health is a kind of trend in California.