Traveling Around the World

With so much going on in our lives such as having a job, it can be hard to find time off. It can be especially hard to get a few weeks off in a row in order to have a decent holiday around Europe. When it finally happens it is a thing of joy until the planning process begins. 

 Planning for Europe

The first things when planning a trip are to organise the mundane things. This may seem like an obvious thing but making sure the passport is up to date is a priority. To lessen stress, it is also important to create and, more importantly, stick to a budget. There is nothing worse then overspending. Planning a rough itinerary of where to go is essential. This is particularly important if there is only a short time period for the trip. If there are specific destinations, focus on these and plan the rest of the trip around them. It also helps to book accommodation and transportation in advance and thus avoiding any disappointments en route. Lastly, it is now time to pack!

 Where to go? 

It is very important to choose places of interest before travelling. Of course there are always multiple options but it is best to narrow it down to the top areas thus maximising time and getting the most out of the tip.  Top cities chosen were Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Fitting them all in with a short space of time can be tricky but doable and was all about planning. Starting in Berlin is the most logical route as it is the north western destination. From there it is possible to take trains to Amsterdam, a journey that takes around 7 hours. Amsterdam down to Paris is also simple with many transport options and likewise Paris to Barcelona – though it is the longest trip. The routes are scenic and most can be done via both train or bus depending on preference. For those that prefer a little more adventure, there are options for car hire, though this is a more expensive option. Taking these direct routes for transport allows for at least three days in each city giving plenty of time to see all the sites on offer.Travelling is fun but planning is essential especially for short trips where a lot needs to be crammed in. though on occasion a little bit of  ‘winging it’ is also part of the adventure.