What’s Going on in the World?

It is a sunny morning here in California and as i gaze out of my window holding a steaming cup of coffee, my world feels just right. The quiet and peace of the early morning let my mind wander around things that touched a nerve. Some were good, others not so; but i guess that is how it will always be.

 Would you like to know what these things are…Stuff that interests a California girl…? Then read on…

The President

Well, reams and reams of newsprint have already been spent talking about our current President. What do I say that has not already been said. I was actually hopeful that his non-political background may be good to shake up the established order. But things are getting a bit messy for everyone’s liking, to the point that even his own party members are now revolting against him. I simply hope that the political mess gets sorted out soon.

The Climate

We are, perhaps, the only country who has backed out of the Paris Climate Accord. Our President has ensured us that it is for our own good. Now I am not a Greenpeace activist, but I do feel that we all need to do our bit for our planet. Otherwise, we may just be fast forwarding our own doom. At a time when we, as a nation, should be stepping up to the plate, we are handing over the responsibility to other nations.     

Good, Tasty Fats

Now that I am done with the serious topics, time for some fun.

I love my food, and I love to work out as well. This led me to discover the Keto diet that many rave about. The one thing that I absolutely adore about this particular diet is that you eat fat to lose fat. I know…it sounds incredible!

I have been loading up on EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), butter, bacon, avocados, fresh cream, and I have not gained an ounce, let me tell you. In fact, I feel my stamina has increased and my body is better toned. Thank you Keto!

My Champions

Confession time: I am a basketball fan and I am absolutely head over heels over Golden State Warriors. Two championships in three seasons is one helluva achievement. And Stephen Curry…boy is he cute…not to mention the awesome skills he displays on court. They are indeed my Champions.