About Me

Yoga fanatic with a passion for organic make-up and an appetite to lead a healthy lifestyle and travel the word.  

I’m a twenty something LA dweller that spend my days working with make-up and showing you glimpses of my world that is an endless rollercoaster of yummy food, conscious living, exercise and travelling. I am a firm believer that a healthy organic lifestyle is the best option for us and our planet. 



Yoga for me is a way of living. It connects your body and soul and teach you how to breath properly to nourish your body. I think that everyone can do yoga. It is not about making handstands on your first session but learning how to control your body and easing into the movements. I hope I can inspire you to try Yoga (or develop your training if you are already doing it) and discover for yourself the amazing benefits it can bring you. 

Organic Make-Up

I am lucky enough to work with my passion, organic make-up. Organic make-up is not only cruelty free but with only natural ingredients you are giving your skin what it wants. Enhancing your features and bringing out the best in you rather than trying to hide your scars. Organic make-up also have the benefit of no animal testing.

The beauty industry has come a long way since I first discovered the joy of putting on lipstick and covering my eyes with heavy shadow from my mom’s beauty bag. On my page I will give you tutorials, tips and tricks for easy application and above all a guide to the best organic make-up on the market.  


LA is the perfect place for me and my lifestyle. I don’t know anywhere else where I can spend the morning with yoga, visit Crossroads Kitchen (or any other plant based restaurant) for lunch and spend the evening discovering the latest within make-up and conscious living.   But despite this, one of of my biggest interests is still to travel the world. Discover new places, new ways of living and see what I can learn from others. My travels inspire me, whether it is a yoga retreat, sightseeing or just a city break it leaves me curious, humble for the world around me and thirsty for more. 
Please see my travel category for further inspiration and share your memories and favourite destinations. Perhaps, that can be my next dream vacation!