Where Spanish is important in the states

I moved to the United States of America a few months back. The reason I came to this wonderful land of opportunities was that there was an interesting job in Los Angeles. Since I had grown up with Wild West movies based in California and the surrounding states, this job had a double attraction for me. Imagine, working in a modern American city that has been featured in so many Hollywood movies. But there was one issue; as a Spanish-speaking woman, I wasn’t aware of those places in LA and the rest of America where I could survive using Spanish alone. It is not that I don’t like English, it’s just that I prefer to be in my own skin; I am not an adventurous soul! So, the first thing that I did upon arriving in LA was to find out about those places where the Spanish language is common.

Since my job involves teaching the Spanish language to non-Americans, I also wanted to find out about the best Spanish courses online in the United States. So, regarding Spanish localities, this is what I found out:

  • McAllen-Edinburgh-Mission: Spanish speakers make up to 85% of this Texan city.
  • ElPaso: Another American city where you will find a huge number of Spanish speakers. Here, Spanish speakers make up 74% of the city’s population.
  • San Antonio: Another Texan city that you can check out is San Antonio. If you fancy living in California, then these are the places that you can consider living in:
  • Los Angeles: Spanish speaking people make up 36.7% of the city’s population here.

I live in El Pueblo, and here, a majority of the residents are from Mexico. This district was ‘recreated’ in the 1930s, and today El Pueblo is considered to be a quaint place. Now, if your job is on the East Coast, then here are some Spanish dominated places for you. If you fancy Florida, then consider Key Biscayne as your place of stay. I would say that Biscayne is for the high-income lot. If you are earning decently and want to be among fellow Spanish-speaking families then you can also consider relocating to Aventura in Florida. This community has some Jewish people also. Other areas that might interest you are Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The next section of this article talks about the various Spanish online classes that you can take if you feel that your Spanish isn’t what it should be.

Spanish online classes in America

Do you know that the United States has more than 25 million Spanish speaking people? An increasing number of Americans are learning this beautiful language, and to cope with this demand, more and more private and public organizations are offering online courses.

One such course is the Spanish language course from the Oregon State University This course offers 11 credits in all and the course spans 4 years.

If you use social media often and would like to leverage it for your Spanish skills, then consider joining this group. Make friends, learn this language informally and set an easy pace.

Another interesting online platform for learning the Spanish language is This group has 9,600 members and is quite active.

The Beverly Hills Lingual Institute in Los Angeles is also a great place for non-Spanish speakers to learn the language.

Another interesting online Spanish learning resource is iTalki – a website that teaches you not just Spanish but also other languages. Tutors put up their profiles here and tell others about their areas of interest. They also set up their prices here on this platform. Choose your tutor, connect with him or her and begin learning Spanish. One great thing about italki is that you can also learn small bits of Spanish in the community room.

One of the best online Spanish learning platforms is West LA College’s 

Often, medical professionals struggle to communicate with their Spanish patients. Doctors from Sweden and North Europe have to face this problem very frequently. Don’t lose heart, though, as help is at hand. If you are a doctor, then learning Spanish will help catapult your career. On the site Get The Skill you can find FREE language courses in Spanish. That’s very good if you are on a budget.