Night Out in Las Vegas!

Play is Important too.

As everyone knows you’ve got to work hard to get the best out of life. Nothing comes for free and wishing you had the best isn’t going to get you there, but sometimes it’s a battle and a good night out is just what the doctor ordered. So that what I did, I called up a couple of my best friends from college and planned a wild night out in Vegas with them.

Better Bet Right

Having never tired any casino game, not even online I had no idea what to expect which is why I did the obvious thing and Googled how to play casino games. I found this really useful site, Milla’s Casino Blog, which gave me some helpful hints and tips and armed with that and my knowledge of card games from college we headed put into the night.

Blackjack and Poker

The slots were the first thing we tried out and there was so many it would take hours to go around them all, which is probably the point. I was feeling decidedly brave and headed over to the blackjack table, surprising what a few cocktails does to your bravery levels! Well I was almost as stunned as my girlfriends to find I was pretty good at it and even made a couple of wins. So, with bravado on my side I strode over to the poker table and join the next game. Whether it was beginners luck or sheer brilliance on my part I made the bets count and bluffed my way through to another win. Feeling pleased but also a little light-headed from all the adrenaline I took my winnings and ran.

Birthday Surprise

My mother’s birthday is coming up soon so with winnings in hand I managed to find her something that she would like. I then used the rest of it to treat us all to a few more cocktails by the bar before we had to call it a night. I really didn’t expect to do as well as I did, just shows you can learn new skills online.